My Dharma name is Yin De Shakya. I live in Orange County, California.

I'm a Senior Dharma Teacher with the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun and I teach Zen Meditation. As an ordained Zen Priest, I also perform wedding ceremonies, funeral services, baby blessings, and home blessings.

  News & Events of Interest:

I am available for public lectures and Zen teaching engagements in Orange County, Southern California and elsewhere from time to time. Please inquire via email if you would like to book a talk.

Join the Zen Meditation and Wisdom for a Better Life facebook page to discuss the book and Zen practice with hundreds of like-minded people.

Now offering private Zen meditation instruction for a very limited number of dedicated individuals as well as small group "Introduction to Zen" workshops in Orange County, Southern California, and elsewhere. If you are ready to make a committment to yourself, and you are ready to do the work necessary, contact me for consideration.


My new book "Zen Meditation and Wisdom for a Better Life: a gift to busy people, regardless of religion" is available through Amazon and elsewhere online. If you have tried and failed at meditation in the past; you need this book. If you think your mind is too difficult to control; you need this book right now. Click on the book to buy. It's available both in paperback ($9) and Kindle Download ($6). You can also now borrow the book for free through the Kindle Lending Library.

If you would like to get started with Zen practice but cannot buy the book, send me an email request and I will give you a free PDF copy of chapter 5, which will teach you exactly how to get started.